Top 4 automation trends of 2022

Param Kahlon, UiPath Director of Products, considered it important to list the four trends in automation for 2022.

  • One of the four trends in automation for 2022, dictates that CIOs will be the leaders of this type of project and must make crucial decisions, such as choosing the best automation technology, the resources to develop, and making a corporate automation strategy.
  • RPA will evolve into semantic automation, this change eliminates much of the programmer’s work. Semantically activated robots will not only be able to see and read what is on the screen; they will also understand the relationships and contexts between documents, processes, data, and applications. The RPA software will observe this activity and begin to emulate it, and the CIO will have to supervise this work.
  • Automation will drive sustainability, impacting green initiatives; it will shut down data centers, reduce electricity use by up to 9%, and paper consumption.
  • Human Resources teams prepare for the challenge of managing a digital human workforce. Robots will take on many less-skilled jobs that involve data entry, rule-based processes, and monotonous tasks.
    Perhaps, of the four trends in automation, this is the most significant for the workforce of the future, because new positions will require higher skills.

To do this,app雷电竞 will have to train at least a third of their workforce in the following years, not only in the operational use of robots but also in social skills such as leadership, critical thinking, and adaptability.