Mexico, the perfect robotic consumer.

The company has installed more than 500 robots throughout Mexico, 50 percent has been in the northeast area.

Nexon Automation is dedicated to the design, manufacture and instrumentation of automated production systems.

Raúl Romero, general director of the company Nexon Automation, pointed out that the processes in which there is greater penetration are those related to the assembly of components, going through applications of material handling, attention to machines, welding, fluid application and of Inspection.

The director said that today robots are present in those processes where the human can not be considered for safety, speed or repetitiveness.

He stressed that Mexico ranks fourth worldwide in imports of robots, an industry that will maintain a growth rate of 15 percent per year.

But where do these robots mainly go? Until a few years ago it was the automotive industry that led the automated processes, now they begin to spread to other sectors.

Romero mentioned that they have autonomous robots moving parts and completing orders in logistics centers, as many cooking simple dishes or serving drinks in bars, and a few in the film and entertainment industry directing cameras and lights.

Nexon Automtion has 20 years of operations in Mexico, the executive said that a robot can cost from $ 15,000 per unit to $ 40,000.

In addition, the manager indicated that the robots are for industrial applications, although they also handle some specific for scientific research.

“The type of systems or solutions to which we allocate them are very varied and may include the assembly of components, the handling of materials, the transportation of raw materials or simply inspection for quality purposes.”

Author: Esther Herrera lEl Financiero