Mexico: Mitsubishi Electric Systems Integrator

Nexon Automation is part of Mitsubishi Electric Systems Integrator Program providing an invaluable expertise.
We employ technical resources who are factory-trained and certified in providing product application development and on-site start-up assistance and/or support as needed.

More than 10 years as strategic partners providing innovative and intelligent solutions, we have found a strong dumbbell with Mitsubishi Electric being his authorized systems integrator.

We work hand in hand with the power, precision and speed of the technology that Mitsubishi Electric offers us, being experts in development of applications with multiple product platforms.

  • Conectivity
  • Motion control- VFD
  • Robotics

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, has a wide variety of industrial markets with an automation product line that includes:

  • programmable logic controllers
  • frequency inverters
  • operator interfaces
  • motion control systems
  • industrial robots
  • servo amplifiers and servomotors

With which we can work to integrate in your projects.

We are the main distributor of Mitsubishi Electric robots in the north of Mexico,that allow us to offer fully integrated solutions ready to integrate vertically under the concepts Industry 4.0.

As a technology company, we always seek to work hand in hand with business partners that share our vision: Innovation. And with Mitsubishi Electric we have found the perfect fusion for the development of projects, for its ease of use and adaptability in the factory floor.
We can offer the guarantee of a specialized technical attention to provide problem solving services in addition to training at the client’s facilities. The brand has easy-to-understand documentation and a library of backup material. We take the solutions seriously, no matter how difficult the work is.
If you are looking for a supplier that knows the Japanese technology of Mitsubishi Electric for integration projects or purchase of robots, please e-mail us atinfo@nexonautomation.comto give you an technical advice without commitment.
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