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Industry 4.0. AtNexon Automation, we undertake the challenge to help you with industry 4.0 equipment to achieve a new level of performance with a different set of services.

It is important to understand the potential of this fourth revolution of the industry, because it will not only affect the manufacturing processes.

It’s scope is much broader, affecting all industries and sectors and even society.

Industry 4.0 solutions can improve business operations and revenue growth, consequently, transforming products and the supply chain.

In other words, it consists in the digitalization of production processes in factories using sensors and information systems, resulting in the transformation of processes to make them more efficient.

Smart Factory

Production becomes the Smart Factory: Machines and products are digitally networked and communicate with each other. In the cloud, systems are virtually shown and connected with digital systems. Production can be controlled via smartphone or tablet.

The digitization of manufacturing processes allows the current and future industry to evolve and satisfy the dynamic consumer behavior and market trends.

In addition, something that Industry 4.0 solutions offer through digitalization and the use of connected platforms is:

  • Real-time reaction.
  • Decentralization
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Create shorter and more profitable production series.

Automating the transmission and analysis of data on production processes will be one of the key factors to be a leader inIndustry 4.0.


At Nexon Automation, the most important thing is that we undertake the challenge of helping you achieve a new level of performance with a set of different services aimed at improving product design, production planning, product engineering and product execution. production.

We are committed to providing you with smart products so that through data connection you can release resources that can be used to generate new ideas, resulting in a jump to an intelligent factory.

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